Agrobiotechnologist | FHEA (UKPSF) | Graduate Research Scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I am an interdisciplinary researcher and a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA) Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

My research background is in Agricultural Biotechnology, Molecular Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Omics (Proteomics, Metabolomics, Transcriptomics), and Statistical data analysis. I specialize in the physiology of plant production in Controlled Environment Agriculture and Molecular Plant Physiology.

My role as a researcher is beyond research and development. I am an enabler of positive change, an innovator, and a quick learner with a broad range of interests in applied biotechnology. I am passionate about applications of Biotechnology for the advancement of Agricultural production with an interest in biosecurity and in the intersection of science and management.

I have proven my adaptability through successes in a wide range of roles in the biotech field and life sciences research. I help to develop the R&D infrastructure that enables organizations to develop their full potential and capabilities, so they can achieve UN SDGs within to develop innovations.

I firmly believe that the productivity of future agriculture lies in developing our understanding of adaptation and mitigation measures with climate change, sustainable management of water, land, soil, and other natural resources, including the protection of biodiversity.

I look forward to multidisciplinary research collaboration where I can be an innovative and resourceful research scientist. Further, I am passionate about working on the effective inclusion of science into policy directives and management to optimize plant production and meet the needs of a future world.


Ph.D. (Plant Physiol. Biochem.) | The University of Western Australia, Australia | (2017-2020)

Thesis: Unravelling the underlying components of autophagy-mediated photomorphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana.

I completed the experiments at three research laboratories:

The University of Western Australia: LC-MS/MS Proteomics: targeted and shotgun, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Isotope labelling, Physiology

The Australian National University: NGS– RNASeq, Bioinformatics, Plant Physiology

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research: Microscopic studies

M.Sc. Agric. (Plant Sciences) | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel | (2014-2016)

Thesis: Analysis of constitutively Active PYRABACTIN RESISTANCE1/ PYR1 LIKE (PYL) receptors in the early development of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Side Project: Identifying the function and biological role of novel protein (ABA receptor-like protein) and its interactor proteins by Y2H screen with Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA library.

B.Sc. Agric. (Hons) [Biotechnology] | Wayamba University of Sri Lanka | (2008-2012)

Research Project: Screening of traditional rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties for salt tolerance and molecular genetic screening of fragrant gene (badh2.1).

In-Plant Training: Application of Biotechnology in Intra Cellular Pathogen Diagnostic of Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in Sri Lanka.